K&E Consultants services

Consultancy and advice on new and existing financial services regulation

Bespoke and personalised assistance in interpreting and applying new or existing regulation to the activities and business of the target firm. Assistance and advice may be provided at the senior management level or to the firm's Compliance team. K&E can provide formal presentations or take part in, run and devise workshops.

Compliance healthchecks​

High level review of a firm's compliance with regulatory obligations, ensuring organisational arrangements, policy and procedures, three lines of defence and appropriate management information is in place. A health assessment will be produced which may recommend areas for further review.

Regulatory gap analysis and impact assessment

A formal assessment of your firm's business with regard to the relevant regulation or across any relevant regulatory handbooks and/or rule books. Areas for enhancement or improvement will be highlighted with recommendations for practical implementation.

Project implementation support

Providing onsite support in interpreting and/or implementing compliance, risk or regulatory change projects. K&E can provide end-to-end practical assistance from interpreting regulatory change and assessing the impact on your firm's business to developing and implementing a compliant framework including policies, procedures and controls for the relevant development.

Remedial implementation support

K&E can provide advice and assistance in implementing remedial action, either arising from a regulatory visit, skilled persons report or gap analysis undertaken by the Company.


K&E can create classroom training materials which are bespoke for the firm based on their business and model. Training can also be delivered in person or via a software platform. K&E can provide training modules covering a wide variety of regulatory and compliance areas.

Risk management healthchecks

High level review of risk management frameworks ensuring risk management arrangements, policies, practices, procedures, 3 lines of defence and management information are in place top ensure the effective identification and management of risks are in place. A health assessment will be produced which may recommend areas for further review.

File reviews

Reviewing a sample of client files either to assess the entire client experience and corresponding regulatory requirements or focused review on specific regulatory requirements.

Risk management framework development support

Providing onsite support in implementing changes to Risk Management frameworks. K&E can provide end-to-end practical assistance from recommending and implementing effective risk management frameworks including policies, procedures and controls for the relevant development.

Data Management Healthchecks

High level review of Data Management frameworks for ensuring effective regulatory compliance including policies, practices and procedures for data ownership, data standards and data quality measurement, control and issue management. A health assessment will be produced which may recommend areas for further review


Helping you along the authorisation process whether you are applying to be a small registered AIFM, a full-scope AIFM or even a PRA regulated deposit taker. K&E can effectively and efficiently guide you through to authorisation, draft compliance manuals and monitoring plans so you can get on with running your business. We can also provide you with ongoing compliance support which you may need post-authorisation.

Interim Resourcing

Access a pool of high quality Compliance, Risk and Legal professionals to fill resourcing gaps and make sure you have the appropriate skills and background to boost your department’s capabilities – at a significantly lower cost than the Big Four consultancies.

Staff Augmentation / SWAT Teams

Our teams operate across Compliance, Risk, Legal and Financial Crime. We can assist in resourcing an entire change project from impact assessment through to implementation or deliver extra staff during busy periods.

Outsourced Compliance Services

Designed for firms seeking a strategic and cost-effective alternative for business as usual Compliance activities. The service is a bespoke offering for clients building a tailor-made package from a menu of compliance services, priced accordingly in line with the firm’s level of resource requirements. Clients are able to select from the menu to support or augment their existing functions or opt for a full outsourced model. The service allows firms to target specific areas to enhance their capabilities with subject matter expertise and provides flexibility to quickly and effectively react to changing needs, whilst maintaining standards of business as usual activity.

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